What is Hameleons?

Hameleons is a creative business run by the mother and daughter team Anita and Liene. Sometimes the youngest daughter Zinta and Liene’s husband Igors join the team as well. Back in 2012 when Anita was painting on silk, she was asked to publish her work...read more

Wood craft bases

Wood décor bases was an unexpected creation that is now one of our business staples. It all started in a small, old woodworking shop near our house...read more.

What we know

In Our 10-year history we have learned, and perfected a variety of decor techniques and crafts. We know how to...read more

Introducing Hameleons to Annie Sloan chalk paint

Back in August 2015 Anita and sisters Liene, and Zinta went to an Annie Sloan chalk paint workshop hosted by Margarita from Mag Handmade . This was the first time Hameleons enjoyed the quality and ease of use of these chalk paints...read more

Our workshop "Čipstes"

In the summer of 2019 we finally started building our dream workshop, right here in outskirts of Jelgava. We wanted to create a beautiful place for our creativity and decor clasess. Of course, designating a special place for woodworking...read more

Decoupage Queen team members

Decoupage was our starting point and it is a classic when it comes to decorating. It was this knowledge that let us show ourself to the world. February of 2022 we were invited to bet a part of Decoupage Queen design team...read more

Europe Union funds

Dream workshop “Čipstes” was the biggest investment in our business. When the construction of the workshop was coming to an end, we realized that we want to put our business in to the next gear. We decided to try write a project for  European agricultural fund for rural development (EAFRD)...read more


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