What we know

In Our 10-year history we have learned, and perfected a variety of decor techniques and crafts. We know how to:

  • Handmake wood or plywood craft bases
  • Decoupage with napkin, decoupage paper, rice paper or printed images
  • Multiple techniques for using Anne Sloan chalk paints
  • Transfer pictures onto wood
  • Decorative wood burning
  • Add Transfers to surface with chalk paint
  • Use silicone stamps and ink on surface with chalk paint
  • Create 3D elements using silicone molds and air-dry clay
  • Create edible 3D elements using sillicone molds, cookie dough or chocolate
  • Work with Paint Inlays
  • Use stencils
  • Prepare an object for decoration
  • How to appropriately choose finishing coat for decor or furniture

You can view our work on our Instagram page.